Men and non-formal Education participation and Learning of social Skills

This project aims to research men’s participation in education primarily on an informal or basic skills level. We intend to look at what attracts men into the education field. The research projects ́ starting point is to look at what educational programmes are provided for men and what men’s participation levels are in other courses as well. This research will be compared by the learning partners. We will then analyse the results on a European basis. This will give us an overall indication of what men’s interests are in different countries and what is being provided educationally for men. This will provide us with information about the uptake of men in adult education courses. We also intend to examine if men’s educational needs are being met. The learning partner’s will collate this data and make it available to others. We then intend to produce a document of Good Practice, which will inform workers in the adult education field about the models of education, which encourage men’s participation. The primary goal of this learning partnership is to examine men’s current participation level in education and to see how their participation level can be improved..

Laufzeit: 2004 bis 2006

Das Projekt wurde gefördert durch die Europäische Union, Lifelong initiatives and projects on implementing gender equality in europe (SOKRATES)

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